The "Löwen" Inn

T he beginnings of the "Lion" inn (Löwen) go back to the year 1721 when Georg Aberle from todays Oberlehof obtained a building site from his brother. His descendants produced pretzels, rolls and white bread.
The ascent of the "Löwen" began in the 19th century when first guests came to Gutach and reported enthusiastically about the magnificent landscape and the good Kirschwasser (cherry brandy). After the Black Forest Railway through the Gutach valley had been opened in 1873 the "Löwen" became a popular destination for excursions and after Hasemann´s first visit in Gutach a meeting place for artists.
Their sojourns and enthusiasm for the village and the inn of the Aberle family are documented in the valuable artist album of the "Löwen". The building of today was built in 1912 by Hans Wöhrle and his wife Regina Lauble.